Monday, August 29, 2016

Our Little Arrow.

Today was Bowden's first day of kindergarten (no joke, I almost spelled kindergarten wrong on his little chalkboard.) There were a lot of emotions, but mostly pure pride in the amazing kiddo that we have as a son. 

There is a scripture verse that God has given to me and Nate for our boys. It really started to take root when Lexon was born. The verse is Psalm 127:4, "like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth." 

Our children are our arrows. They are what we have to combat the fallen world that we live in. They are what we have to spread light into darkness. 

What an honor and responsibility it is as parents, to have those precious arrows in our hands. We influence greatly the speed, trajectory, and targets of our little arrows. At times that idea feels overwhelming, but in those moments, let us remember something.  We are arrows as well. And we are in the Hands of an Archer who never misses.

Today we took the first step of releasing our first little arrow, I imagine it will be a process from now till eternity. My prayer is simply this. May our hands be guided by Him as we release our arrows, and may they accomplish what You have uniquely purposed each one of them for.  

We were pretty proud of ourselves for making it through without crying :)